The Adorable DIY Centerpiece Under $10 That Will Brighten Up Any Table

If you've read any post on this blog you know how much I adore frugal projects. I am very excited to share today's under $10 DIY - a pretty little floral & chocolate springtime centerpiece.

Here are some reasons I think you'll adore this project:

  • supplies can be found at the dollar store

  • adding chocolate accents looks pretty & tastes yummy

  • its a simple little springtime accent piece

This project cost me less than $5 to make because I had some of the basic items on hand (such as a glass, plate, and artificial flower) and bought the chocolates at 50% as they were considered seasonal, and I bought them after Valentines Day.

I'll tell you what inspired this - I walked past a 50% off section at Walmart, which had Hershey's chocolates. Of course, I bought them with the intention to use them in a decorative piece. I had a charger plate and a few artificial flowers on hand, so I played around until I found a little design I liked. I didn't want anything big, just a little something to brighten up the kitchen before I bring more spring decor.

The best part about this DIY is how flexible it can be with using items you have on hand. If you're buying everything new, this project should still cost under $10 as the dollar store sells these items. Need I say more?

Let's get started.

Supplies you'll need:

  • charger plate

  • glass (I used a basic drinking glass, but you could use a small vase)

  • artificial flower (I found that a larger, statement flower stood out the most, but you could also use a few flowers)

  • chocolates (I used Hershey's hugs & kisses)


1. Put your flower in the glass cup.

I found that, with the flower I used, having it balance right at the top of the cup looked the best. Ensure all petals are sticking up nicely.

To achieve this, I also had to fold the stem up a few times so it would fit in the cup nicely.

2. Place the flower cup in the middle of your charger plate and spread chocolates around it.

I found that leaving a border on the outside of the plate looked the best, spreading the chocolates more toward the inside of the plate, right around the cup.

You could add some flower petals or other decor around the outside of the charger, but I liked the simple look with just the flower and chocolate.

3. That's all! Enjoy your cute little centerpiece that tastes as good as it looks!

Now is this not one of the easiest DIY projects or what? Your family or guests will love looking at it just as much as they will stealing little chocolates to snack on...yum!

I'd love to hear your feedback and see your version of this DIY! Share in the comments below, or reach out on social media.

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