6 Freebie Printables to Help You Rock Each Day With Ease

6 Freebie Printables to Help You Rock Each Day with Ease

If you want to save money and stay on track, having worksheets to guide you is a WONDERFUL way to ensure you're doing so.

Today is a blank page, a fresh start. If you're looking to get organized but don't know how to start your list or what to write, I've got some free printables just for you to get those thoughts, to do's, and lists down on paper. Because lets face it - life is busy.

Deadlines, priorities, to do's, errands, special events, and everything else can add up to become stressful - but it doesn't have to be! It doesn't have to become expensive either.

Clean the house, clean the car, drop this off there, do 3 loads of laundry, get this project done, be ready by this time, wish this person a happy birthday, buy a gift for that person, make this meal, finish up cleaning up for that...some days the to do list seems to never end. And if you're reading this, I'm going to guess that you may be feeling the same way.

As someone who tends to become very overwhelmed in the midst of busyness or change, one of my usual goals is to intentionally simplify and organize daily life, including expenses. Because of my goal, I've made many printables over the years that have helped me to organize my thoughts, plan ahead when possible, and sigh a sigh of relief as I let go of some of the overwhelm.

Today I'm sharing these 6 free printables with you in hopes that they will help you to organize, keep your budget on track, and lessen overwhelm as well :) All of the printables can be found here.

1. For Planning Your Days - Daily Planner

Starting your day with a plan, a goal, and a list of what needs to be done can really help lessen the overwhelm and stress, and even act as a guide for the rest of the day. We can't remember everything - sometimes writing things down is the best way to keep track!

This daily planner is complete with a place to write the date, a goal of the day, to do list, errands to run, reminders, notes, and even a daily schedule for laying out your day the way you want.

2. For Planning Your Month - Monthly Overview Calendar

When a new month beings, noting down all important dates and having a simple overview can be very beneficial to have the whole month at a glace. Between appointments and birthdays, events and plans, having a monthly calendar can be wonderful for keeping track of all that you need to.

This cute monthly calendar is completely custom with spots to write the date (which means it can be used for any month), space for writing important events each day, and a section for notes relating to the month.

3. For Pre-Grocery Shopping - Meal Plan & Grocery Planner

We've all been there - just about to head out grocery shopping, but you don't know what your meals will consist of this week and therefore you have no clue what you need to buy.

This planner is a double organizer, meaning you can plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day of the week, and note which groceries you'll need for them - all on the same page. I also offer a larger, full page version of the grocery planner worksheet in case you need a little extra room, or don't require the meal plan aspect.

4. For The Big Question - What's For Dinner?

Let's face it, whether its someone else asking us or us wondering ourselves, we all want to know what's for dinner?.

Planning out meals at the beginning of the week can be a relief when that day comes and you already know what you're going to make. If you're hesitant to plan meals because you aren't sure what to make, check out these simple dinner ideas or consider making some freezer meals for quick dinners.

This simple yet adorable little worksheet leaves you room to write the dinner plans for each night of the week. Perfect for framing in the kitchen or sticking on the fridge.

5. For Freezer Meal Prep - Freezer Meals Tracker

Speaking of freezer meals...this handy printable lets you record each freezer meal you make, the serving amounts, date prepared, and when it should be best before, along with any notes.

This has come in super handy for me when I make batches of freezer meals - there can be too much to remember, especially as weeks or months go by and I'm left wondering when this freezer meal was even made or how to thaw/heat it.

6. For Gift Shopping - the Ultimate Gift Planner & Budget Sheet

Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just for fun - giving gifts can be a challenge. This helpful organizer helps you sort it all out by breaking down who the gift is for, what the occasion is, your budget, ideas, what personal touch you'll add, and some extra notes.

Planning a budget and having some gift ideas before you go out to shop or start a DIY project can save you tons of money in the long run, as you can better seek deals and budget when you know what exactly you're looking for. This has helped me personally so many times to stay on budget and plan gifts in advance!

Life can be busy and overwhelming sometimes - organization in little ways and habits, like so, can be such a big help! I hope these printables will help you rock each day of the week with ease and confidence, because you've got this!

All of the printables can be found here. Enjoy!


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