7 Budget Friendly Fall Decor DIYS For a Cozy Home & Porch

Today I’m excited to share a list of 7 adorable fall DIY projects for decorating your home. The list consists of free (yes, free) decorations as well as dollar store and other budget-friendly finds.

Fall is such a special season to me because it makes me want to go hiking, wear sweaters, drink coffee, connect with nature, smell that fresh fall air…and I tried to make these DIYs as cozy as possible so it brings these same feelings into your home!

I bought most things from the dollar store and used items I already had around the house rather than buying all new items. I like to do it this way because chances are I will want somewhat different décor next year anyways, so I prefer to make do with what I have and buy cheaper items instead of buying all new, pricey décor each year! Let’s get started.

Printable Wall Art

I originally made these wall art printables to be framed and hung up in my bedroom, but I thought they were too cute not to share. There’s nothing better than waking up to “Hello Fall”, “Hey There Pumpkin”, and a photograph I took of a fall forest.

Fall Printable Wall Art

Nature-Filled Vases

This idea I love. I bought a tall, narrow vase from the dollar store, as well as some scented pinecones from the dollar store. I didn’t know they made scented pinecones, but they smell very fresh and fall-like so I couldn’t resist.

Then, we made a fun activity out of going outside and searching for nice fall leaves, twigs, pinecones, acorns, etc. Not only was this a fun activity but it yielded a wonderful result! We were able to fill two vases and just sort of arranged everything how we liked. The mix of the natural finds with the scented pinecones made for an amazingly fresh but minimal fall scent.

Nature-Filled Vase Display

Display Plate

Both of these items were dollar store finds and costed less than $3 combined. This Grateful plate I thought was too cute to pass up, and we happened to stumble upon this little black stand which fit the plate perfectly. I chose to display it with one of the nature vases and love the way it turned out, especially with the entire display being under $8, but could easily be under $5 without the scented pinecones.

Display Plate with Vase

Candle Centrepiece

I can’t get over the cuteness of this piece. Who knew that a dollar store charger plate, dollar store candle, and some backyard finds could make such a cute kitchen table centrepiece. The candle is a pumpkin spice scent and reads “Hello Autumn”. It gives off a very yummy but not overpowering pumpkin spice scent, which is perfect mixed with the fresh scent of the pinecones, twigs, leaves, and acorns.

Fall Candle Centrepiece

Minimal Cozy Mantle

I also got (at the dollar store) a few faux flowers and a mason jar style vase, which I put on the fire place mantle. While not typical fall colors, it was a cool and neutral decoration that I thought fit the theme well. I like to use more neutral colors so they don't overpower the decor I already have.

For a little extra coziness, I also used a wooden sign that I had handmade (a piece of barn board with with white paint on top using stenciled letters) to say “Home Sweet Home” and placed it above the fireplace with a few candles around it.

Fireplace Decor

Happy Fall Florals

I loved the final product of this vase so much I just had to put it in the front entryway. A few fall-colored flower bundles from the dollar store with a vase I already owned (bought at the dollar store) made for a cute little arrangement.

I also took a frame I had, took out the art that was in it, and made a little handwritten “Happy Fall, Y’all” sign to accompany the flowers. While I debated printing the quote instead of handwriting it, I thought it added a little personal touch to have it handwritten.

Happy Fall, Y'all With Flowers

Porch Pumpkin Love

Here is the DIY fall porch décor I completed using a barrel and some flowers bought from a local farmers market. I used a barrel as the base (as we had it already), but you could easily use a wooden crate or flower pot - the list goes on. Since the barrel was so tall, I had to put a bit of a shelf inside so that when I put the flower pot in, they didn’t fall to the bottom. Once I got it to the right height, I set the flowers inside the barrel so that none of the plastic flower pot holder was sticking out.

I thought this looked cute and rustic, but wanted to add just a pinch more of fall. So I bought a few mini pumpkins and sprinkled them around the porch, adding one right beside the flower barrel stand. I love the way this simple porch decor turned out!

Porch Decor

So there you have it, cute fall decorations on a minimal budget! And all it took was a single afternoon of fun to get it all together. Now, time to enjoy this glorious season and enjoy the yummy scents and sweet little pumpkin spice everythinghappy fall y’all!

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