The Ultimate Spreadsheet to Budget & Reach Your Savings Goals

Picture this - budgeting WITHOUT the headache that can come with budgeting.

You know, trying to consider whether you can afford a purchase, or trying to budget when you just really don't feel like it.

Have you ever wished that you could somehow magically have a budget all calculated for you? And sure you might have an idea of what you could have saved in x months from now, but do you ever wish there was a way to see it laid out with your own eyes?

I know I have.

And from that, I built myself a little spreadsheet that I've been using for a few years now that has evolved into my entire budget, expense tracker, and savings forecaster.

And the best part? I don't have to do the math myself anymore, question whether or not I can afford something, or whether or not I'm reaching my savings goals each month.

You're probably wondering, how does that work?

Well, I designed it so that it has automatic formulas to do all of the math for me, which makes entering and updating numbers super simple. Then, I reference it each month to ensure I am on track with goals, or above/below them. So its really as simple as entering in my monthly income and expenses. Oh yeah - there's also a pretty cool section that tells me if I keep at the saving rate I'm going, what I could potentially have in x amount of months from now!

And as a huge planning/budgeting/frugal living fan - I could not be more pleased! Its made my life so much easier over the past few years. :)

It took me some serious time and effort to build this spreadsheet, and for the first few months of using it I would update this and update that, to make it just as efficient as I could. And when I began to write this post, I quickly realized that not everyone might have the time and energy to dedicate to doing that...

So, after running this blog for almost a YEAR - I thought what better time to build some similar products for y'all to help you on YOUR budgeting, frugal living, and intentional living journeys?

I'm excited to announce that you can purchase the complete Budgeting & Savings spreadsheet here.

You can also find other fun little products at my new Etsy store here to make all of the above a little more fun and exciting - including the Should You Buy This? chart that y'all loved in this post, ON A PHONE CASE!! And a huge meal prep bundle here.

I am SO excited to make this announcement, I could hardly keep it to myself any longer. Thankfully the shop went live this morning so now I can shout it from the rooftops! I'm so hopeful that these products will help and inspire you on this journey!

If you're starting your money saving journey, be sure to check out ways to make your life more frugal or how to save hundreds by shopping groceries on sale.


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