8 Christmas Gift Ideas for When You Don't Know What to Give (+ Printable)

A few months ago, I wrote a post on the blog about gift giving a thoughtful gift to those who we really don't know what to give. With Christmas coming soon, I came to the realization that I should make a Christmas-version/update of the post with more holiday-themed gifts and inspiration.

The original post can be found here: 8 Sweet Gift Ideas, and the Christmas ideas below! Happy gift giving!

Also: click here for a printable I've designed to help me gift plan and brainstorm, all while staying in my budget. Hopefully it will help you keep track, too!

1. Pictures - many possibilities!

A framed photo or a phone case with a photo on it is always special! Some more Christmas-themed ideas include an ornament with a photo on it, a nice cozy custom blanket with some photos on it, a holiday mug with some photos on it, or even a calendar for next year with a different photo (or photos!) for each month of the year.

The calendar one is my go to Christmas gift because its a special, year round gift that can be so fun to make! I love trying to choose photos for each month that line up with the events/season of that month.

2. A Gift Card to Enjoy

I'm not one to jump to buying a gift card unless it is for something I know the person would truly enjoy. Sometimes if I know someone really loves a certain place, I'll be happy to buy a gift card for it.

For Christmas, I find gift cards a nice way to surprise even those we don't know what specifically to buy for, as people likely tend to shop more and go to coffee shops, etc. more during the winter and holiday season. Sometimes a nice mug & a coffee shop gift card can be a nice little gift, or even a gift card to the theater to watch a new Christmas movie!

3. A Personalized Reminder

This personalized gift has so many potential ideas that are Christmas themed - a mug with their favorite Christmas quote on it, ornament that would remind them of a memory you two share, tickets to a Christmas show/event that you two both have interest in, and the list goes on.

One of my go-to's in this category is a gift basket of multiple smaller items that either remind you of them, items they enjoy, or things you have in common! For example: a movie night gift basket with their favorite movie, a mug with their favorite quote on it, their favorite snacks, and a movie night with you!

4. A Christmas Decoration

Tis the season for all of the beautiful Christmas decorations! If you are someone who enjoys DIY & crafts, a wooden quote sign or framed print can be a fun way to give them some custom Christmas decor.

Some more ideas include an ornament for their tree, Christmas themed flowers/plants, a wreath, the list goes on. I know I love receiving Christmas decor because not only is it beautiful, but I love being able to enjoy it for years to come while remembering the special memory of who gave it to me.

5. A Gift Basket

I mentioned above about a movie night themed gift basket - their favorites with a movie night for both of you. However, what about a gift basket with other themes for them to enjoy?

Ideas include a Christmas day gift basket (cozy blanket, pjs, movie, snacks), a spa gift basket (face mask, bubble bath, slippers, book), or even a gift basket of various Christmas themed items like snacks, ornaments, decorations, books, recipes, movies, and the list goes on!

6. Freshly Baked Cookies

My favorite food to give at Christmas time! A box of freshly baked cookies, bark, chocolate covered pretzels, etc. Decorated sugar cookies are always a hit too. Whether they're for bringing into work, giving to neighbors, or bringing to a gathering, Christmas cookies are always a good idea.

7. A Fresh Meal

Tis the season for yummy, home cooked meals. Not everyone, though, has this opportunity. Sometimes a home-cooked meal, or a favorite meal from a restaurant, delivered right to their home for a cozy and yummy night in can be a thoughtful & unique Christmas gift that they are sure to enjoy.

8. Ask Them What They Want!

This is something I always hesitate to do because I like to put great thought into a gift that will surprise the recipient - but sometimes, asking them what they want is the best way to get them a gift they enjoy!

Sometimes it can surprise us what someone truly wants to receive vs. what we thought they might want. If in doubt, ask them! I'm sure they'll appreciate your attention to detail and getting them a gift they'll surely enjoy.

Gift giving can be a challenge - but there are many ways to give a thoughtful gift this Christmas season. Happy gift giving, and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas for When You Don't Know What to Give


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