DIY Frugal Wet Napkins & Dispenser From Only 4 Items

In this post, I'll be sharing how I make wet napkins at home, as well as a DIY container that acts as a storage unit and dispenser.

Important Note: These napkins are NOT for cleaning or disinfecting.

These napkins are simply more of a soapy/wet version of a napkin or plain baby wipe, and I use them for multiple things that don't require disinfecting or sanitizing.

For example, throughout daily life, I often like to use these napkins for wiping hands after eating a sticky food, wiping my steering wheel if it feels sweaty during summer heat, wiping up crumbs after eating, wiping feet after wearing sandals (because sand), etc.

These are very affordable as all ingredients are common household items, so I actually didn't need to go out and buy these items.

For these wet napkins, I used:

  • baby wipes (I found a generic brand and bought the cheapest ones; I didn't worry much about scent, quality, etc. as I knew I would be adding ingredients to them anyways)

  • soap (I used dish soap but you could use the soap you prefer)

  • water

  • Tupperware container

I used about a cup of water, added some dish soap, and mixed it well - I found I didn't need much soap as it soaps up fast.

To make the container, I cut a hole cut from the top of the lid (if you do this, be very careful) and stuck the baby wipes package's dispensing lid on the hole. The adhesive on the lid was actually sticky enough from the package to be stuck right on. This new lid opens and closes to keep these napkins fresh and dispense them easily. If you've seen my other post on DIY wet wipes, you'll recognize this container from that post.

Then, I poured the mixture over the baby wipes and gave it a good shake. For many baby wipes, I would do this in layers.

There you have it - simple wet napkins at home with minimal ingredients and on a minimal budget.


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