6 DIY & Frugal Home Decor Pieces That Will Inspire You All Year

6 DIY Inspirational Home Decor Pieces You'll Love for the New Year

I'm a firm believer that saving money and budgeting does NOT mean you have to give up the things that bring to joy.

To me, having little personal touches through my home give me great joy - which is why I love a good budget friendly DIY decor project.

Adding little accent pieces as part of our home decor that encourage us can be such a special little way to celebrate and find joy in each day.

The thing is, so many people associate a fresh, inspiring beginning with spending money - money on a fancy new planner, a complete room makeover, and so on. These are all wonderful things, but not everyone has it in their budget.

As a result, today's post is going to focus on frugal ways you can gain a fresh look in your home without breaking the bank, with DIY pieces I think you'll just love.

1. Encouraging Wall Art

Encouraging wall art could include inspiring quotes, Bible verses, song lyrics, or even quotes that make you laugh and will lighten a stressful moment.

This is a wood sign I made using a scrap piece of food and white paint from the dollar store. I also used some stencils for the lettering and tape to guide the borders on the corners.

Some wonderful wall art frugal DIYs include:

  • wooden signs (handwritten, stickers, wood carved, etc.)

  • dollar store wall stickers

  • printable wall art

  • handwritten or printed song lyrics

One of my other favorite wall art pieces I have is a quote sticker I bought from the dollar store that reads "Blessed". I put it up along with some other winter decorations, and its adorable. It also doesn't wreck the paint whatsoever to take off after, and only cost $1.25 !

I also have a set of three song lyrics that I made into designs (one is a heart, the other two are just typed up in a nice font) and printed to hang side by side beside my closet as reminders of the words that inspire me each day and that I want to live by. This has been a HUGE encouragement to me as well as something that makes me joyful each time I see it and read it.

Maybe for you encouraging wall art means a photograph of your family framed beautifully, or a collage of special memories you have. If so, you'll love my next point.

2. Happy Photos & Memories

There can be something so special about updating photos in the home, especially if they are photos from happy memories you have. Photos of loved ones or photos of happy memories can be joyful to have photos in the home that make us smile and encourage us on a daily basis. I know that I love to have photos up that make me smile - on harder days, I appreciate them a little more, and on good days, it makes me want to make MORE memories with special loved ones!

Tip: Try looking around your home to see if there are any photos that you would like to update. If you don't have many photos in your home already, you could consider where you would like to hang or place standing photo frames.

When it comes time to buy a photo frame(s), consider the following options to save money:

  • buy a used frame (you could completely transform & customize it with a little bit of paint)

  • buy a dollar store frame (most actually offer various larger sizes and colors, but do verify that the quality will hold up to your needs)

  • make your own frame (if you really want a DIY project, consider a tutorial that will guide you through making your own wooden frame)

3. Soothing Scents

Scents can really add a meaningful touch to our home, whether it be a relaxing scent, an energizing scent, a yummy scent, and so on. There are so many ways to DIY any of the items below that can save you money and give you a custom product. Many times, DIY recipes will also use less chemicals which means less chemicals in the scents in your home.

There are so many ways to add little pops of scents here and there, including:

  • candles

  • air fresheners

  • scent packets

A great factor in all of these options is that even if you don't want to make your own, they are all typically available for low prices and last quite a while, at least from my personal experience. Make sure you are always doing your research and following the directions of any product you buy.

For a soothing candle, I'm really loving Bath and Body Works candle Stress Relief - it has such a soothing and calm scent that really helps me to feel peaceful. I love smelling it before bed as I read or unwind from a long day. There are also wall plugins - I currently use the Air Wick plugins as I like that they are adjustable for adding more or less scent to a room.

4. Updated Decorative Accents

With each season, it can feel like a fresh start to update some of the smaller decorative accents around you home. There are endless different options for ways you can do this. Some of the most budget friendly and cute ideas I currently love for this include:

  • faux flowers in a vase - can be updated seasonally with new flowers of a certain color(s) and type(s)

  • photo frames - quotes or prints can be updated seasonally (ex: quotes that have to do with the current season or upcoming holidays, or prints of seasonal landscapes)

  • blankets/throw pillow covers - swapping out these items can really change the look of any room without spending tons of money, and the best part is that the items can be used each year!

5. Sharpie Mug with an Encouraging Quote

So, I love mugs. And I definitely go through phases where I have a new favorite mug for a while, and then a new favorite...and they're all mugs I've had for a long time, it just depends on the quote on the mug and how much I love it at the time! And to buy mugs, well it can be quite expensive. That's when I started making DIY Sharpie mugs.

If you're in a season where there is a specific quote that really encourages you, or some words you want to remind yourself of often, a DIY Sharpie mug might be just what you're looking for. Every day when you have your coffee, tea, or even water - you'll get to enjoy a saying of your choosing and proudly display it, all while knowing you made that yourself at a great price!

I have quite often found that most Sharpie mugs I've made don't last very long, even being hand washed, so I typically will use a dollar store mug and make it knowing I won't have it forever, which takes some pressure off (to me, anyway) to write a quote that I'm loving at the time, even if it won't still be my favorite quote 6 months from now.

6. Organization

You've heard of spring cleaning, but how about *insert current season or occasion here* cleaning? You can totally just take charge and clean or reorganize your home at any given moment. How awesome is that!? To me, that is the ultimate encouraging home decor because a less cluttered home is a less stressful home.

If you're look for a place to start, a closet can almost always use some organization love. So much so that I actually wrote a post on it using all dollar store items for the small closet makeover. You can find that here: Closet Organization DIY.

Another great thing to organize is the busyness of daily life. Doing so can actually even help us keep within our budgets! If so, you'll probably like the following post on free habits to stay organized each day.


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