The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Last Minute Gift Basket Everyone Will Love

The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Basket That Everyone Will Love

No matter how organized we try to be, how much we plan in advance, how well we have everything laid out - sometimes things come up on us and we are left scrambling to find a thoughtful, budget friendly, but adorable gift to give. Sound familiar?

The beauty about the gift basket idea that I'm sharing today is that not only is it all of those things, but it is fairly neutral and can be themed for certain occasions (ex: birthday, Christmas, etc.) if you so desire. The other great thing about this is that almost everything was found at the dollar store. Yup, you read that right!

Basket Finds

Everything inside this basket was either bought at Walmart or at a dollar store. There are a few items I just cannot believe I found at such a good price, like a cute little inspirational sign I found for $1.25 and a little indoor plant with a little decorative bird on it for just over $7. I started out with bigger items and then jut picked up a few smaller things to fill the space around them once I packaged it all up.

This basket was so fun to make. I didn't go in with a plan, just walked through the dollar store to fill it up, then thought it needed a plant, so found one at Walmart for a fantastic price along with a few other goodies to add to the basket. You never know what you'll find until you have a look! Chocolate, candies, nuts, and I also found a package of the cute little classic Coca Cola bottles and I just couldn't resist. I did pay a little more for them but I love the way it turned out and feel it was worth it!

Here's a list of some of the finds for this gift basket:

  • Chocolates

  • Candies

  • Nuts

  • Plant

  • Sign

  • Coca Cola bottles (I just thought they added such a cute, classic touch!)

Seriously - this basket took less than an hour to shop for & put together, and was about $30. The tray & wrapping were dollar store finds as well which was amazing!

Gift baskets like such are such a great gift idea (even last minute) because you can really swap out many of the items to the recipient's taste or even to what is available wherever you're shopping. The pop could be switched for sparkling water, the sign for a cute little notebook, the sweets for some granola bars/snacks, and the list goes on!

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