How Driving to Work One Foggy Morning Taught Me a Beautiful Lesson About Faith

How Driving to Work One Foggy Morning Taught Me a Beautiful Lesson About Faith

While this blog focuses on spending intentionally, the heart behind is truly about living with intention.

Yes, this post is a bit random. But I had it on my heart to share, and I hope it provides you with some encouragement today.

This is a little story of an important message I was reminded of while I was doing something so ordinary, so casual – driving to work. Yet I was hit with such a beautiful reminder that I just have to pass along.

I was driving to work like any other morning, except this time it was a big foggy. As someone who sometimes struggles with anxiety, it felt like instinct to become anxious in driving that morning.

I couldn’t see very far in front of me, and it was too tempting to pull over or turn back around, even though I knew I was safe if I kept on, slow and careful.

I drove for about a minute, singing and praying and reminding myself that everything was okay. And suddenly? I hit a breathtakingly clear sky painted with the most colorful of sunrises.

I was amazed. And a sudden thought hit me too – in life, sometimes roads are clear, or foggy, or dark, or discouraging.

But, among all of this, God still has a plan for us. I say still because sometimes when we’re in a hard time, it can be hard to believe that God still has a purpose and a path for us, but He sure does.

Our harder paths won’t last forever. Maybe we can learn something from them – don’t lose hope!

Sometimes there is joy and clear skies that are closer than we could even imagine, just as the fog cleared fast enough to make me question why I was so worried in the first place.

I happened to be listening to Seasons by Hillsong Worship at the time in my drive, and the part of the song that sings “And as I gaze I am blinded in the light of Your brightness” played at the exact moment I admired this sunrise.

I was amazed. To some this may seem like a small moment or a coincidence, but small moments are important.

Small moments truly can speak volumes.

Any anxious peeps like me know how amazing those moments are.

So, in feeling how strongly I felt encouraged, I wanted to share this little story with you.

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget how to notice the little moments, intentionally.


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