8 Sweet & Simple Acts of Kindness for Any Budget

There is something so special about taking the time to intentionally doing something nice for someone else. I love finding ways I can love on people, on purpose.

Acts of kindness can take shape in so many forms - most of them, FREE. Whether you have 2 minutes to spare or a few hours and some money to spend, you can make a positive difference in someone else's life today. How great is that?

We are all busy - daily life, managing our finances, trying to live each day intentionally, and so on - thoughtful & out of our way acts of kindness shouldn’t have to take a backseat.

Lately I’ve been feeling so busy and have been struggling to think up or live out acts of kindness, which inspired this post. Most of us tend to associate an act of kindness with a gift, or with spending money on someone. While this can be a way to bring joy to someone else's day, kindness stretches far beyond money. Most of the sweetest things we can do for another cost nothing.

Here are 8 acts of kindness you can do today for a loved one in under 5 minutes!

8 Acts of Kindness to do for a Loved One in Under 5 Minutes

1. Clean Up For Them

This can look different for everyone. It could be doing their dishes, unpacking their lunchbox, folding their laundry, etc. For those who don’t enjoy these tasks, not having to tidy up at the end of a long day might just be one of the sweetest feelings.

2. Make or Bring Them a Special Treat

Whether its someone working hard in the heat that you bring a cold refreshment to, or dropping off their favorite lunch meal to them at work, everyone loves a surprise snack or sweet treat.

3. Leave Them a Sweet Note

Send it in their lunch box, leave it in their car, or put it in the mailbox for them to see. Leaving a note, whether to make them laugh or to make them feel special, is such a nice surprise. Heartfelt words = priceless.

4. Send Them a Thoughtful Text

Think about it - you're sitting at your desk, or having your breakfast, maybe you're cleaning the house. You get a sweet text from someone you love. Does it make you smile? I sure hope so, and I hope it makes you smile just as much to spread love to others by sending them one.

This is one of my favorite ways to love on my loved ones – sending an intentional text. It could be simply checking in on them, or asking them how their day is going, how they are feeling, how something specific in their life is going, etc. I love receiving them, so why not send them to others too?

5. Invite Them Out

I love the feeling I get when someone asks me to spend quality time with them! The activity doesn’t matter as much as the fact they went out of their way to invite me to spend time with them. Think up an activity they'll enjoy & invite your loved one to join you – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

6. Call Them. Talk on the phone!

This applies especially to those who you don’t regularly speak with over the phone or you haven’t caught up with in a while. Making time to call & catch up with loved ones who we don’t get to connect with often is a sure way to spread love to them.

7. Surprise Them with a Little Gift

Whether you’re out at the store and see a little something they’d like or you pick up their favorite treat on the way home, there is nothing like a little sweet surprise! My favorite "little gift" yet was a little quote block I found at a local dollar store, and reminded me of a relationship with a loved one, so I picked it up and brought it to them.

8. Tell Them How Important They Are to You

Last but certainly not least, go out of your way to let your loved one know how special they are and how much they mean to you! There are many ways we can love on people with actions, gifts, and surprises – but at the end of the day, giving them an honest and loving thank-you for all they do and all they are is a sure way to love on them a little.

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8 Acts of Kindness to do for a Loved One in Under 5 Minutes


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