40 Projects to Stay Busy at Home During Self Isolation

First off: I just want to say that if you are an essential worker who is working to keep us safe during this time, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With everything going on regarding COVID-19, we are all going through so much change and uncertainty. Many of us are anxious and looking for ways to keep busy and stay active during this time.

I’ve compiled a list of various projects that we can do to stay busy at home, from watching a favorite TV series to organizing your entire home. Because let’s face it, we are all different and all trying to find a balance of activities in our new normal.

Please, please, please - follow the health and safety guidelines put in place where you are located. We are all in this together.

I hope some of these ideas encourage you and provide a little bit of excitement to your day!

  1. Support a small businesses (you could buy a gift card or order a product)

  2. Learn how to make a new meal

  3. Bake and indulge in a treat

  4. Catch up on your favorite series

  5. Develop a healthy work-from-home routine

  6. Make a list of things you’re excited for in the coming year

  7. Write a list of your favorite memories from last year

  8. Call your loved ones and catch up with them

  9. Make a music video to your favorite song

  10. Build a fort in your living room

  11. Read a book that you’re excited about

  12. Organize your home

  13. Make a pile of items to sell or donate (in the future)

  14. Learn creative ways to make your favorite items at home (like, your absolute favorite iced coffee)

  15. Clean under your bed

  16. Listen to your favorite songs from back in the day

  17. Seek out some new music

  18. Build a playlist that encourages you

  19. Learn how to cut your own hair (carefully)

  20. Try on your favorite clothes and have a fashion show

  21. Draw, paint, or digitally design some DIY artwork

  22. Get organized with some worksheets

  23. Plan out the gifts you’ll give to others in the coming months

  24. Organize old photos, videos, etc. on your devices

  25. Go through old photo albums

  26. Organize your closet

  27. Try your hand at baking a tiered cake

  28. Send a sweet note to let others know you’re thinking of them (or an act of kindness)

  29. Toss out expired products in your home

  30. Plan your own garden

  31. Enjoy having the windows open or enjoying the sunshine outside

  32. Make some freezer food so you always have some yummy meals on hand

  33. Write out all those family recipes you haven’t had time to

  34. Clean your appliances

  35. Organize your storage totes/items

  36. Make yourself a meal plan for future reference

  37. Watch videos on a subject you want to learn more about

  38. Draw a floor plan of your dream home (my personal fav!)

  39. Make working out a routine

  40. Clean your car out

What is one thing you have been doing that brings you joy while staying at home?

Stay safe everyone.


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