5 Frugal & Themed Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on Your List

There are gifts, there are last minute gift baskets, there are sense-themed gifts, and there are themed baskets! There are SO many ways to give, and today I'll be sharing 5 specific themed basket ideas.

5 Uniquely Themed Gift Basket Ideas (For Almost Everyone on Your List)

Gift baskets are a great way to give a unique gift to anyone on your list and can be customized for any occasion. They are a little unique, a little personal, a lot special.

Gift baskets are also wonderful because as a result of being so customizable, they can be extremely frugal gifts if you shop wisely!

1. Home Delights

There's nothing like receiving unique, beautiful pieces for your home. A home themed gift basket is a perfect gift for the new home owner, organization fan, or the decor-lover on your list.

Sticking to neutral items or items that fit their theme is typically the best practice. Or, if you know they love a certain style, surprise them with a beautiful accent piece! Home decor is a useful yet fun and personal gift basket theme.

Home decor gift baskets are a wonderful DIY theme, especially if you know the style of your recipient. For example, you could find a thrift store frame & spray paint it, then fill it with a gorgeous photograph. Or, you could make a custom house number sign with a few pieces of wood and some paint or stickers.

If you are looking to buy on a budget, most dollar stores sell so many wonderful items like cute storage bins, wall quotes, salt & pepper shakers, kitchen towels, and more. The options are endless between the DIY & dollar store potentials of this theme!

Some ideas for putting together an amazing home decor gift basket include:

  • throw pillows/covers

  • blankets

  • artwork

  • framed photos/prints

  • house plants

  • a custom house number sign

  • kitchen towels

  • decorative plates

  • salt & pepper shakers

  • jewelry trays

  • scented packets

  • cute organization bins/trays

2. Treats & Goodies Galore

If you love a certain treat, not much beats receiving a basket FULL of it. This can be branched off in so many ways, like food, candles, art supplies, etc. Think about your recipient, and keep in mind any habits or interests they have.

Food Inspiration includes:

  • Chocolate, candy, and nuts

  • Hot chocolate mixes, coffee or tea flavors

  • Granola bars or health snacks

  • Beef jerky or pepperettes

  • Popcorn variations

  • Variety of spices (great for someone who loves to cook!)

  • Goodie mixes in a jar (cookie mix, muffin mix, etc.)

  • If they are on a specific food plan (ex: keto) you could make a basket full of keto-friendly goodies for them to enjoy

Even if you are buying the items, you can often buy cheaper when you buy in bulk. If you are buying ingredients and making the items yourself, it can still be a very frugal gift basket theme. Regarding making the goodies yourself:

Tip: include an ingredients list for anything home-made, so they have an idea of what is in the goodies.

Goodies aren't just food items - for someone who has a love of a hobby or interest, any related items can be just as much of a treat to receive.

Other Non-Food Inspiration includes:

  • candles

  • art supplies

  • car supplies

  • and more

3. A Book Lovers Dream

If you have a reading-lover in your life, this one is for you. Whether you know their favorite author, list of "must reads", or just come across some books you think they'd love, a gift basket full of books is such a thoughtful and lasting gift!

If you know a reading lover but don't know beyond the genre they like, many bookstores have lists of top books by genre - this could be a good place to start. Thrifts stores also usually have tons of books in like-new condition. You could also focus on getting them some books on hobbies they enjoy or would like to learn more about. The options are endless!

4. Pet-Related Gifts

For the dog or cat or other animal owner/lover in your life - pets are family, and many people who have pets like all-things pet related.

I would recommend taking a look around or online for items such as the following:

  • shirts or hoodies with quotes

  • hats

  • mugs

  • key chains

  • photo frames

  • blankets

A DIY you could do - which I recently gave to a dog owner in my life, is print off a photo you have of their pet. Just make sure it is a good quality photo. Then find (or make) a cute frame and frame it.


No matter the season, everything cozy brings all the cozy vibes. The options are endless with this theme as well, and can be completely personalized for you recipient.

Many items for a cozy gift basket could be found at the dollar store, or shopped around for on sale, which makes it a good choice for a frugal gift:

  • candle

  • snacks (popcorn, cookies, hot chocolate)

  • tea or coffee

  • book

  • slippers

  • cozy socks

  • face mask

  • bath/body items

  • blanket

  • hoodie/sweatpants

  • throw pillow

  • journal/coloring book

  • home scents

So there you have it - unique gift basket ideas for giving. The options are endless whether your budget is $10 or $100 - there is a gift basket for everyone. I hope this post has inspired you for your next gift basket!

If you're looking for some more gift ideas on a frugal budget, I've got you covered:


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