How I Made 100 Wet Wipes & a Dispenser for $5 Using Only 4 Items

If you've read any of my blog posts, you know how much I love finding ways to save money though simple routines like making commonly used items at home.

Wet wipes are a huge part of my daily life, especially for when wiping hands after eating, on the run, etc. I find that a wet wipe is always a little more soothing than a napkin, and I love using them to give my hands a quick wipe.

I have been wanting to DIY my own wipes for a while now for the following reasons:

  • to save money

  • to use a product for which I know what ingredients in contains

  • to use a product containing less chemicals

These were my top priorities when I set out to make my own wipes. I'm always looking for a way to live more frugally, but it wasn't until I looked at the ingredients list of the wipes I was using (many chemicals I can't even pronounce) that I really looked into other options using common and minimal ingredients that I could use to make my own wipes.

When I did some research on rubbing alcohol and found that it is included in many sanitizers and is used as an antiseptic, I knew I wanted to limit my wipes to only this. I'm sure there are many natural recipes out there without even rubbing alcohol, but for a beginner I figured these would probably still beat using the store bought kind with multiple more chemicals. I did NOT make these with the intent of replacing hand sanitizer, but as more of a wet-napkin-simple-style-wipe.

I ended up using baby wipes for this batch. I did consider starting from scratch with paper towels, but I figured baby wipes would be the simplest as they already come moistened and would likely hold up better in the long run being submerged in liquid. I have yet to determine how long this batch will last before drying out or becoming of lower quality.

These wipes are so easy too - all you really are doing is buying wipes, adding a few drops of ingredients, and putting them into a new container! Easy peasy! Now I'm sharing so that you, too, can save money and enjoy these lovely wipes!


The wet wipes I typically buy are about $4 for 40 wipes - that's 10 cents per wipe, and it adds up over time. Especially if you're using them as often as I am. So, I wanted to try my hand at making my own wet wipes using basic ingredients and less chemicals, and lucky for me, they turned out fantastic both in quality and price!

I was able to make 100 wipes for less than $5, making them less than HALF THE PRICE per wipe. And I'm telling you, I even like the homemade ones better than store bought. I like knowing what is in them and being able to customize the strength and the scent to my liking.

Before I start, I just want to remind you that I am not a medical professional and this is simply a recipe that I made at home based on my own experience and needs, and am sharing it with you. Always read and follow the label on items you use and ensure they are safe for you and your family before using.

If you are using these as disinfecting/sanitizing wipes, always ensure you are following the guidelines set out by health officials regarding the ratio of amounts required to kill germs :)

The supplies I used for these wipes:

  • baby wipes (you can buy some online here)

  • rubbing alcohol

  • lavender essential oil

  • a tupperware container (the wipes I bought came in a thin plastic package which I had to cut to get the stack out of, so I transferred them to a tupperware. If yours came in a thick, reusable bin - even better!)

How I made these wipes:

  1. First I took the stack of baby wipes out of the package (100) and placed them in my tupperware container. I would recommend pulling out one wipe to see the size of it, and making sure the container will fit them well. Some wipes are square, some rectangle, etc.

  2. In a small bowl I mixed together a few teaspoons of both water and rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. My goal wasn't to make these very strong and smell chemically, so I limited the amount of items I used. I also added the lavender because it smells lovely and happened to be one I have on hand, and I thought it went with the upcoming Spring season perfectly :). I've also found that it adds a nice softness to the wipes, which I love.

  3. Next I poured the mixture onto my stack of wipes. Since I used 100 wipes, it was a tall stack. I split it into about 4 quarters and added a bit of the mixture, then added another layer, and again until they were all coated well. I didn't want the top wipes to be coated and the bottom wipes not be.

  4. Then I put the lid on the tupperware container and gave it a good shake to ensure everything was well coated and spread out.

  5. Then I removed the lid and carefully cut a hole in the top from which I could pull the wipes out of. The wipes I bought came in a package with a dispensing lid, so I peeled it off of the package and re-glued it to to the top of my lid, using it as a stencil for the hole I cut.

This worked out fantastic, and I love the way it turned out. You could also forgo this step and simply remove the lid each time you need a wipe, but the dispensing lid was my preferred option.

That's all! Now you have a frugal, homemade wipe for much less than what it costs to buy them at the store.

Best of all, I love the way these wipes turned out in terms of softness, gentleness, and the soothing scent. I actually look forward to using them and being able to know exactly what is in them.

If you're looking for more ways to implement simple routines to save money, check out these simple ways to make your life more frugal and save money.


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